Steven Gordon

Head Coach

Ste is our head coach at TU NOVA. He is responsible for overseeing the TU NOVA athletes development and helping each one be the best they can be. He has been lifting kettlebells since 2011 after being introduced to them as a way of preparing for upcomming thai boxing bouts. What started out as just an exercise tool quickly turned into his main passion! After finding out you can compete in kettlebell lifting there was no turning back. Since then he has travelled the world representing England in major championships, being the first Englishman to represent his country in an IUKL World Championships and also the first Englishman to win a medal at an IUKL World Championships. As well as being an world class athlete, his coaching has seen TU NOVA become one of the strongest clubs in the UK! Rest assured you will be great hands with the TU NOVA team and under Ste's guidance who knows, you may be joining him and the rest of the national team on the plane to a major championships!

Simon Trenholm


Simon is Assistant Coach at TU NOVA Kettlebell Club. Simon was introduced to Kettlebells as way of getting low impact conditioning to help with his then main passion of rock climbing, following a knee operation that stopped him running. Following his first competition, Kettlebell Sport soon overtook both climbing and mountain biking as his main sport. Simon has competed in both European and World Championships representing England since 2015. 

Returning to his teaching roots Simon now has a passion to pass on his enjoyment, knowledge and experience of all things kettlebell to future generations. Simon’s other passion is nutrition, both helping people with weight management and nutrition for athletic performance, as he says ‘it’s a great way to unleash my inner science geek, I get a real buzz from seeing people eating the right things at the right time to fuel their performance, it’s just another part of the Jigsaw, but one a lot of people miss out’