In 2011, I was looking for a new challenge and way of keeping a fit, strong and healthy body. After no longer being able to train muay thai due to my personal training and coaching work, I found myself just drifting about in the gym, not really having an aim or goal. Like so many others, I knew I needed to stay fit and active but I quickly got bored by general weight training (sound familiar). Then, I was introduced to this great bit of training equipment called the kettlebell. 
Originally I thought it would be a cool to throw some of these exercises into my bootcamps and personal training sessions. Something different that the clients would enjoy. Little did I know that they would literally become my life! 
Since day 1 of being introduced to kettlebells, I was hooked! The versatility of this training tool as well as the huge benefits were just amazing. My passion and thirst for knowledge around this tool has taken me to many a workshop, seminar and different countries.
With the knowledge I was gathering and skills I was learning, the mission then became to help as many people as possible discover a passion and love for this simple but incredible fitness tool. This has led to building a club and team that is like a family to myself and the rest of the TU NOVA coaches.
With each month that goes by, we continue to grow and develop as a team, with members going on to represent their country in kettlebell sport, families being brought closer together through our family sessions, kids and adults discovering a new level of confidence and long lasting friendships being developed in and outside of the gym. Does this sound like something you NEED in your life right now?? Hopefully that is a big yes!!
Team work and support is a major aspect of TU NOVA and when one of our members succeeds, we ALL succeed.
The same goes for when one of our members falls or has a setback, they have a team to pick them up and help them every step of the way. Again, something we are very focused on. 
We are more than just a kettlebell club; we are a family!
So, if you are looking to lose weight, get you and your family more active or simply start a new fitness challenge, why not join the TU NOVA family. 
Head Coach/Owner - Ste Gordon

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