TU NOVA hold International Comp with great SUCCESS!

TU NOVA hold International Comp with great SUCCESS!

Last weekend we ran the fifth North East Open and this year was the best year yet! (If I do say so myself)

We had a big TU NOVA team competing and they didn't disappoint. We had the following athletes lifting:

Danielle Kilpatrick - 2x12kg Jerk 10min, 1x12kg Snatch 10min, Relay

Claire Brown - 1x12kg Snatch 10min, Relay

Charlotte Welton - 2x16kg Jerk 10min, 1x16kg Snatch 10min, Relay

Joanne Tonkin - 2x16kg Longcycle 10min, 1x20kg Snatch 10min, Relay

Stephanie Lyle - 1x12kg Snatch 10min, Relay

Adam Tonkin - 2x16kg Jerk 10min, 2x24kg Longcycle, 1x16kg Snatch 10min, Relay

Paul Edwards - 2x24kg Triathlon 5min

Dan Edwards - 2x12kg Jerk, 1x12kg Snatch 10min

Lola Ashwell - 2x6kg Jerk 10min, 1x6kg Snatch 10min, Relay

Millie Ashwell - 2x8kg Jerk 10min, 1x8kg Snatch 10min

Leigh Howard - 2x16kg Triathlon, Relay

Mollie Howard - 1x6kg Snatch, Relay

Alfie Howards - 1x6kg Snatch, Relay

Benedict Davies - 2x12kg Longcycle 10min, 1x12kg Snatch, Relay

Rachael Davies - 2x12kg Longcycle 10min, Relay 

Scarlet Lyle - 1x4kg Snatch 10min, Relay 

Each one really pushed themselves to the max and did the team proud. As always with sport, some had results that were below what they were aiming for and some over achieved. One thing is for certain though, the coaches were super proud of everything single one of them! 

Apart from the awesome TU NOVA team, we had athletes from Austrailia, Switzerland, Ireland, Latvia and Scotland competing at the event. Each athlete gave a lot of compliments about the event and we look forward to seeing more athletes at the next North East Open. 

To find out the results form the event, please click the link here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U2WfUJbggjzYvZwiiv2avG4O9mhVvQOKkw_ri-4sRE8/edit?fbclid=IwAR3MlEJaALskewsjmhYLVduICACAvTh54f_Faj6-ue7a0BjGpnkGIbZpe7k#gid=0


Also, if you want to read the article the Northern Echo did about the event, please click here: https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/17784732.kettlebell-lifters-descend-darlington-north-east-open/?fbclid=IwAR2wNy9I59a5eN8YwFgWS4XHITb_0huF7duzwX9wvxfYVH2zUMYFcgW3q8c

Now, let's get ready for the next one!