TU NOVA Athletes going above and beyond for the club!

This time of year is always manic in terms of kids going back to school, holidays, out of routine etc etc but whilst all this has been going on, some of the TU NOVA family have been setting new challenges and just being down right awesome!

On August 11th, our very own Leigh Howard ran alongside kettle brother Tristen Coad in the Darlington 10km. Apart from these two pushing themselves and each other around the 10km, Leigh was running to raise funds for the club. This is off the back of a break in which unfortunately saw over £700 stolen which was going towards new kettlebells for the kids and counters to help TU NOVA run high level competitions. This was gutting to say the least as this was money the team had already raised through the kettlebell carry, grassroots competition, football cards and much more. When I broke the news to the team, they all responded with a great attitude and determination to raise even more!

So with that said, there are two fundraisers being set up by some of the TU NOVA athletes. First up, we have our superstar Abbie doing the Reason To - Disability Triathlon and will be supported all the way of by sister Kitty Kat (Katie). I was slightly overwhelmed to hear that these two are doing this to help raise funds for the club which is just amazing. You can read more about the challenge and support Abbie HERE

We also have a fantastic trio that seem intent on walking every part of the UK to help raise funds for the club. Again, seeing Danielle, JT and Claire walk up and down mountains is just incredible thing to see. You can see there progress and support the challenge HERE

I think you will agree we have an amazing team at TU NOVA and I am truly grateful for having such a great team. 


Coach Ste